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UUCS Unity3D plugin

This manual provides background information for the Utrecht University Crowd Simulation (UUCS) Unity3D plugin, version 1.2. The plugin is compatible with 64-bit Windows applications. We optimized this version for Unity3D version 2018.2.10f1. NB We have also compiled the plugin for the following operating systems: iOS, Linux and MacOS. Please contact us at if you are in need for one of these.

The UUCS plugin is a framework that provides advanced tools for simulating a crowd of agents, based on 12 years of research at Utrecht University and abroad. It embodies four main functionalities:

The UUCS plugin allows programmers to develop applications that need realistic movements and behaviors of agents in virtual environments featuring e.g. big infrastructures, events or computer games. You can easily set up a crowd using the provided GUI, or use scrips that directly talk to the UUCS API.

In short, the plugin offers the following features.


Modelling the navigable environment

Setting up a scenario



To demonstrate features of the plugin, we have also built several Demo scenes. You can find more information about the demos at the end of this manual.