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uCrowds allows you to simulate crowds in your local building, infrastructure town or city. With our fast and friendly simulation solutions, you can simulate crowd behavior during daily use, planned events and emergency evacuations.

  • Install SimCrowds on your own PC and simulate crowds yourself.
  • Ask our Implementation Partners to simulate crowds for you in a Project.
  • Integrate our powerful crowd simulation Engine, TerraCrowds, in your own simulator.

Simulate it yourself with SimCrowds

Our crowd simulation software, SimCrowds, has been designed for crowd management experts. The user-friendly desktop application enables experts to create and simulate crowds of pedestrians in various environments.

You do not need technical knowledge to run SimCrowds. Learn the software without our help or contact us to get started. Create crowds in any location in the Netherlands or import your own 3D digital twin. SimCrowds offers you the insights you need to interactively predict and manage up to 150.000 pedestrians on your own PC.

  • For crowd experts
  • Easy-to-use simulation software
  • Create or import your own digital twin building or urban area
  • Get fast insight in crowd behavior
  • Full customer support
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Get help with your Crowd Simulation Project

uCrowds and its Implementation Partners can help getting answers to your crowd simulation challenges. We help city planners, owners of large public infrastructure and for example event organizers to answer their crowd management questions.

In this track, we will play a more supportive role, helping the expert taking on your question or problem. Take a look at our experts and other projects we have done on our projects page and start networking!

  • For infrastructure owners, (event) organizers and city planners
  • Answers crowd management and safety questions
  • Support from crowd management experts
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Integrate TerraCrowds into your simulator

Are you a simulation solution provider or a systems integrator? And would you like your solution to be able to simulate 100.000 pedestrians without any problems in Unity, Unreal or another leading engine? Or 1+ million in a cloud environment to drive the next generation of Digital Twins, Synthetic Single Environments or the Metaverse? Then our technical team is ready to start integrating and support you in this process.

By integrating our crowd simulation engine, TerraCrowds, into your software, you will be able to create efficient and realistic crowd simulations. You can focus on the added simulation value to your customers while our engine takes care of real-time, efficient simulation of 100.000 pedestrians or more.

  • For system integrators and developers
  • Integration of our simulation engine
  • Crowds for simulations and games
  • Upgrade your environment
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See for yourself

We are ready to give you a personal demo or workshop if you have any questions or want to discuss how we can help you solve your problem. Contact us about the possibilities!


Partnership Bohemia Interactive Simulation image

Partnership Bohemia Interactive Simulation

LONDON, UK — Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim™) and uCrowds have enabled massive crowd simulation in VBS4 through an integration with TerraCrowds®, which provides predictable crowd simulations with best-in-class performance.

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