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Have you ever felt unsafe when you walked in a dense crowd, which appeared during Kingsdays or the Love Parade? Our start-up offers a software engine for simulating crowds in big infrastructures, events or computer games.

By simulation, we can compute in how many minutes a metro station can be evacuated, like we did for some stations of the Noord/Zuidlijn in Amsterdam. In addition, we have analyzed a large range of scenarios that could occur during the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in Utrecht. Finally, we created a plug-in for the popular game-engine, Unity3D, to enrich computer games with big crowds.

Our software uses the latest scientific insights of our community. It offers five different movement levels of the crowd, realistic collision-avoidance, social group behaviors, instant updates of the global routes and local paths when an obstacle is added, deleted or moved, real-time simulation of 50,000 people, and more.

By using a €150,000 government grant, we made our software market ready. With this, we have laid down a healthy foundation of applications that facilitate high-quality, real-time crowds.

Smart city: augmented-reality crowd simulation demo.

Smart city: augmented-reality crowd simulation demo.

Our crowd simulation research and development has appeared at many places. On the following pages, we present many examples of case studies that we and our partners have done by using our software.


Dr. Roland Geraerts | Assistant Professor | Information and Computing Sciences | Utrecht University | Princetonplein 5, room 418 | PO Box 80.089, 3508 TB Utrecht | +31 30 253 39 77 | r.j.geraerts@uu.nl | www.uu.nl/staff/RJGeraerts

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